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Spring PJ Cluster Challenge 3

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Spring PJ Cluster Challenge 3 Empty Spring PJ Cluster Challenge 3

Post by Louise Mon Mar 11, 2024 2:48 pm

Spring PJ Cluster Challenge 3 PJLD

Welcome to the Cluster Challenge
You will be given several items you can use to make your Tags.

For EACH item used, you will earn 300 Creative Coins
You MUST make a tag for 3 members of choice with EACH item used.

Let's go to our Creative Chicks blog for these last clusters to use.
Here is an example. There are several frames there.

Spring PJ Cluster Challenge 3 Cluster-Joys-Of-Spring-jenn-xo

You can find the clusters HERE

Remember, you can combine this challenge with the other challenges BUT you must make the required number of tags.
You CAN'T make 3 tags with the same name on the tag for the challenge you combined.
We will be watching this very closely and if we see it then you WON'T be awarded the coins.
For example: you combined a mask and font with the cluster challenge,
You must make a tag for 9 can use the same tag but you MUST use different names.

If you have any questions PLEASE pm a Staff Member or Management for clear Instructions.

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