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** Weekly Tutorials • Feb. 26 - March 12 **

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** Weekly Tutorials • Feb. 26 - March 12 ** Empty ** Weekly Tutorials • Feb. 26 - March 12 **

Post by Lori2165 Sun Feb 26, 2023 2:24 am

** Weekly Tutorials • Feb. 26 - March 12 ** YzXyLQY

You can earn coins by doing the tutorials ...
You will get 100 coins for each different tutorial you do with a max of 500 coins per week.
Make tags for 3 members of your choice.
Feel free to be creative, use your own style, swap resources, and so on.
Have fun!

Be My Anchor
Clover Girl

Happy St. Patrick Day
Home Sweet Home
Keep Calm and Stay Anchored
Let's Steam
Plant Your Dreams
Steamin' Along
Sweet Cherry & Flowers
Sweet Like Honey

* I give extra coins for naming the tutorial. So, if you want extra coins, please name the tutorial. *

** If supplies are supplied by the tutorial writer in zip files, please make
sure, you place the proper copyright on your finished tag. If in doubt about the
supplies, do not use them.  You may also contact me or any Staff member of this forum, if
you have any questions or concerns. **

*** You do not need to animate the tutorials or do the
complete forum sets to receive credit ***

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