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National Holiday - Feb 21

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National Holiday -  Feb 21 Empty National Holiday - Feb 21

Post by Jen73 Sat Feb 19, 2022 10:15 pm

National Holiday -  Feb 21 Giphy

Lets Celabrate National Holidays For 

February 21st

Family Day

Family Day in Canada, the third Monday in February, is technically not a national, federally-mandated holiday. But most Canadians live in areas that celebrate it as a province-level statutory holiday — in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan as ‘Family Day;’ in Manitoba as ‘Louis Riel Day;’ in Nova Scotia as ‘Nova Scotia Heritage Day,’ and on Prince Edward Island as ‘Islander Day.’ For our purposes, we will refer to the holiday as Family Day from here forward.

click below and post what you see on the 21st 

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National Holiday -  Feb 21 Empty Re: National Holiday - Feb 21

Post by momjen2 Mon Feb 21, 2022 4:48 pm

These are all National Days On The 21st of Feb. 

1.National Sticky Bun Day
2.Daisy Gatson Bates Day
3.Family Day
4.Islanders Day
5. Nova Scotia Heritage Day
6. Presidents Day 
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